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Help: Submitting information to Virtual Lancaster anonymously


Lots of people submit information to the Virtual-Lancaster news team.  Most of the time this is a very straightforward process.  However, in some cases a contributor might feel that if they were identified as the source of an article or a piece of information there might be adverse personal consequences for them. Even so, most people use real email addresses and trust the Virtual Lancaster team not to give their identities away. To this date we have never betrayed that trust and no source who has requested confidential status has ever been 'outed' (although on occasion people who were not our sources have complained of being wrongly blamed through no fault of ours or theirs). 

Sometimes we receive information anonymously, from specially fabricated email addresses or fake IDs. Sometimes this information is useful. The problem arises when we need to clarify points in the story that are incomplete or unclear.  This is very common and is usually something that the writer could very easily do. But if they have abandoned the email address or ID they used to send it, they can't respond to our queries and, without their help, we can't verify and use the information. 

The testimony of an anonymous writer is not evidence and we can't publish stories that we can't substantiate. We most definitely can't (and wouldn't want to) accuse people of wrongdoing without hard evidence. So for us to publish your allegations, we need to be able to independently verify the evidence you are basing them on.  Our resources are very limited. We literally don't have time to go spending days searching for things that might not be there.  So, if you know of such evidence, please provide it or tell us exactly where to find it.

We will happily delete all traces of source correspondence at any time on reasonable request. Including the request, obvs.