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How to advertise or enhance your listing on Virtual-Lancaster


Please be aware: 

  • Virtual-Lancaster does not accept embedded advertising or paid advertorial content.
  • All content must comply with the VL terms of use
  • Virtual-Lancaster supports the local community and economy and this is reflected in our advertiser selection policy. 
  • Basic local listings (text and image) which you can post yourself are free on Virtual-Lancaster.
    Out-of-area listings may be accepted if they comply with our terms of use and local community interests.
    A fee of £5 per year is required for basic out-of-area listings.


Banner & Poster ads

You can place banner or poster advertisements on the Virtual-Lancaster website for as little as £20 for 6 months. Cost depends on the page, position and size of your ad.

To obtain a free quote without any obligation please email, outlining your requirements. 


Enhance your listing on Virtual-Lancaster

If you have a listing in the VL classified listings you can bring it to the top of lists on payment of just £10 for 6 months or £15 for a year. 

Your listing will also appear in the 'Featured Content' section of the VL homepage.

If required we can also help you edit your listing.

NB. All such sponsored enhanced listings carry a small 'Ad' label. 

To have your listing enhanced, please email Please supply the Title of your listing and its page URL.