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Anti-Fracking Flash Mob


Truck surfing protester delays Cuadrilla fracking equipment for third day at Preston New Road
Truck surfing protester delays Cuadrilla fracking equipment for third day at Preston New Road
Market Square, Lancaster, LA1 1HY

Saturday 14 October, 3.00pm Market Square (then to St Nic's Arcade straight after).  Do come along and support this event, and join in - here's the words

You won't be fracking Long (tune The Laughing Policeman)

You won't be fracking long, you won't be fracking long, 
Whenever fracking's threatened we'll sing our fracking song
And if you fracking bankers can't see there's something wrong
You think you're very clever but you won't be fracking long.

1. If you're in the fracking business you really ought to know
That all your fracking progress will be very very slow
We'll block your fracking test sites and your fracking engineers
And we'll ring your fracking business down around your fracking ears


2. So they've had their fracking tax break from the Tories in Whitehall
Which isn't so surprising when you understand it all
The oil and gas investors pay for many a Tory toff
They're all in it together just like porkers at the trough!


3. So if you have some money that you're wanting to invest
Don't put it into fracking that leaves the world a mess
There's sun and wind and water that can power the human race
And every green investor makes the world a safer place


And did they frack in ancient times? (Jerusalem)

And did they frack in ancient times?
Poisoning waters; once so clean?
And were their filthy rigs of doom
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

And did the only face of truth
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And do the frackers know time is up
To use their dark satanic drills.

Come join us here and sing your song:
Sing of the justice you desire.
Assist us NOW!  These frackers are wrong.
We now remember:  We’re the Choir.

We will not cease from singing here,
Nor shall we rest till fracking’s banned.