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Art Exhibition by Carol Gaston & Valerie Hall: Diverse


The Storey Arts centre in Lancaster
The Storey, Lancaster
Storey Gallery, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1TH

The Diverse - Exhibition

My Story - Carol Gaston

My inspiration to paint was from an art teacher at school, showing me a skill that I didn’t know. From then onwards, I wanted to learn more and more. Painting has always relaxed me and when I’ve needed to chill out, learning new skills has always helped me. ... Looking at artists’ work has enthralled me to learn new skills, practice them and incorporate them into my work.

After my spine injury at judo in 1981, my pain levels were extremely high and I took to art on a more regular basis. Now, I work for myself, I can draw & paint whenever I want to & it takes my mind off my pain. After 24/7 pain, it is very difficult to cope with it and to have something to take my mind off it, is terrific. When I paint, I can forget about my problems and concentrate on my painting. I am sure anyone in constant pain will understand these feelings. Dependent on how severe my pain is, depends on what I want to draw / paint / colours used / medium used / how long I can paint for / length of concentration, etc. If my pain in my neck and head is severe, I paint in acrylics… I concentrate on more detailed design work, which helps me to focus on painting instead of my pain.

I try to paint in some way every day. I do several styles of paintings; landscapes in oils, abstracts in mixed media, water colours, pastels and sketches. My favourites are oils and acrylics (separately). I have improved so much over the last 2 years especially and hopefully will keep doing so over future years.

Carol Gaston Sept 2017

Entry is Free