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Bard by the Beach: Morecambe Shakespeare Festival Act II. Multi-event


Bard By the Beach: Morecambe Shakespeare Festival
Bard By the Beach: Morecambe Shakespeare Festival
Morecambe UK

Morecambe's Bard by the Beach Shakespeare Festival is back treading the boards in Morecambe again from 20th to 23rd July.

This is Shakespeare like you've never seen it before, with 12 remarkable shows taking place over the 4 days between 2 venues: Morecambe Winter Gardens & Morecambe Library, with much entertaining ado for all ages. There’s Shakespearean Murder Mystery, Improvised Adventures, A Danish Panto, and creative adaptations ranging from One Man Shows to full length productions, including The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Antony & Cleopatra, culminating on Sunday with the End of the Shakespier Show - the Grand Shakespeare Slam Competition. 

See the full Weekend Prgramme Below.

Attic Door Productions present: ANTONY & CLEOPATRA

Thursday 20th, Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd July at 7.30pm. The Winter Gardens Tickets : £10.00. Ages : 10+. Book tickets here
The opulence of Egypt and the power struggles of Rome are transported into the faded decadence of forties film noir with Attic Door’s brand new production of Shakespeare’s tale of Lust and Power : Antony & Cleopatra. 

Jester's Jigsaw present: As YOU like it - An Improvised Adventure 

Thursday 20th July at 7.30pm. Morecambe Library Tickets : £5. Book tickets here.  Show duration : 60 minutes Ages : 10 + 
This dynamic duo will use one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies, and mix it with suggestions from the audience, to take you on an entertaining, never-before explored journey into the Forest of Arden. Fast-paced improvisational comedy with witty fools.

Tony Howes presents: Puck's Dream  - One Man Midsummer Night's Dream 

Friday 21st July at 5.00pm.  Morecambe Library Tickets : £7.50. Book tickets here.  Show duration : 60 minutes Ages : The whole family 
Shakespeare's story concerns the night before a society wedding, during which two lovers elope, two fairy monarchs have a row, the mischievous Puck causes all sorts of magical mayhem - and some poor bloke gets the head of a donkey. Tony Howes madcap one man version of Shakespeare's classic was originally produced for BBC Radio. See him playing 17 parts in different accents complete with tap dancing and juggling.

After Dark Murder Mystery present: A Midsummer Night's Murder  - Shakespearean Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Friday 21st July at 7.00pm. The Midland Hotel Tickets : £38.50 includes 3 course meal. Call The Midland Hotel direct for Tickets 01524 424000
Show duration : 3 hours Ages : 10+ 
If Murder is the food of love then play on! A troupe of Tudor Thespians become embroiled in a plot to overthrow the King, but in true show business fashion… The show must go on! Is that a dagger they see before them or is it the stuff that dreams are made of. Can you solve this crime and be crowned super sleuth of the night? Remember, the course of true detective work never did run smooth!  

The Danish Panto Ad-Hoc Theatre Company present: HAMLET  

Friday 21st July at 7.30pm. Morecambe Library.  Tickets : £5.00  Book tickets here. Show Duration : 1hr 45mins. Suitable for All Ages 
Ad Hoc Theatre Company present Shakespeare's lesser known family entertainment 'Hamlet - The Danish Panto'. The spirit of Hamlet's dead father walks the battlements of Elsinore but the Danish court is too busy partying to notice that 'he's behind you!' Revenge is in the air - but also plenty of gags, slapstick and of course audience participation! This is Shakespeare's Scandi |Noir with songs! Adapted by local writer, Stuart Langhorn, this comedy is from the same team that brought you last year's successful production of 'MacBeth - the Scottish Panto.'  Suitable for all the family!

The Rose Company present: Shakespeare Shuffle

Saturday 22nd July at 1.00pm.  Morecambe Library.  Tickets : £7.00 Concessions : £3.00  Book tickets here.
Fresh from premiering Shakespeare Shuffle earlier this month at the RSC's Dell Space in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Lancaster's all-female Shakespeare specialists The Rose Company are delighted to bring this new show to the Bard By The Beach festival.  Shakespeare Shuffle is like a human iPod performing Shakespeare's Greatest Hits. Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, Richard III, and the Mechanicals are among the tracks queued up for you to play. The audience pick random tokens and 4 actors plays the corresponding scenes. No two performances are the same!

Chaos Collective present: A Midsummer Night's Dream 

Saturday 22nd July at 3.00pm. The Winter Gardens. Tickets : £10.00 / £8.00.  Book tickets here. Show duration : 2 hours (inc interval) Ages : The Whole Family 
Shakespeare's most popular comedy, an enchanted tale with fairies, argumentative lovers and a group of amateur actors who are putting on a play...

Native Nonsense presents: FORSOOTH'S SAKE! 

Saturday 22nd April at 5.30pm. Morecambe Library. Tickets : Pay what you like.  Show duration : 45mins Ages : The Whole Family 
As part of the Bard by the Beach festival, join Agony Uncle Jason Robinson as he provides useful advice to those characters who have just got to that point of the plot that they may very well lose it! Romeo in a rut? Puck in a pickle? Come see what they should have done which might have made their respective play very, very different! 
This performance is pay as you feel and payment can be made on the door either before or after the production.

After Dark Murder Mystery presents: SHAKESPEARE MURDER MYSTERY 

Saturday 22nd July at 7.30pm. Morecambe Library. Tickets : £5.00. Book tickets here.  Show duration : 2 hours. Ages : 10+ 
To be or not to be? That's not the only question. You need to find out who killed the director of the latest Midsomer Shakespeare Company's Production of The Bard's best work. Who was discovered as the fraud and decided to stab him in the back and does the programme hold a key to the killer? Search the library for clues and interrogate the suspects as you become the detective and try and solve the crime to be crowned super sleuth of the day!

Rubbish Shakespeare Company present: Macbeth 

Sunday 23rd July at 12.00pm. Morecambe Library. Tickets : £5.00 Under 16s : £1.00  Book tickets here. Show duration : 1 hour Ages : All Ages 
Betrayal. Ambition. Murder. Soup? Shakespeare’s iconic play is given the ‘rubbish’ treatment as the Rubbish Shakespeare Company returns to Morecambe after their smash hit Romeo & Juliet last year. Using a mix of Shakespearean text and modern (often improvised!) language, the company joyfully entertains with silly wigs and high energy. The company have a ‘Shakespeare For All’ ethos, which drives them to create and deliver exciting and fun performances and workshops around the country. Leave your imaginary daggers at the door and join us for a hour of murder, witches and goldfish.


Sunday 23rd July 2.00pm Morecambe Library  Tickets : £3.00. Book tickets here.   Show Duration : 1hr  Suitable for 6 + 
What is a Bard to do? William Shakespeare needs a new troupe of actors and he wants you to help him! Through a series of engaging activities and interactive games this workshop will allow you to become the most renowned Shakespearean actor of your generation and ensure that William keeps his reputation as the greatest English Playwright of all time.

Other Wise Words presents: The End Of The Shakespier Show

Sunday 23rd July at 8.00pm. The Winter Gardens, Morecambe. Parisian Bar. Tickets : £5.00 Book tickets here. Show duration : 90mins Ages : The Whole Family 
The End of the Shakespier Show” is a fun-filled evening celebrating the work of England’s most beloved playwright.  The words will be unchanged but the performances are new and engaging.  Hosted by ‘Yorick, the fool’ performers will speak the words of William Shakespeare, giving the performance their utmost, in order to win votes from the judges, who will be picked from the audience.  In 2016 the winner of the Shakespeare Slam was Rose Condo, but who will be crowned Morecambe’s “End of the Shakespier Show” Champion 2017? Well, that's up to you.