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Chakradance — A journey through the Chakras with Sarah Swindlehurst

Halton Mill

In this workshop, Sarah will take you through a healing journey of a Chakradance. In this workshop you will discover and balance your chakras, using blindfolded dance (there are no steps to learn! And I will be monitoring you), mandala making and meditation.

Most illnesses and dis-eases start in the energy bodies/chakras and then show themselves as physical ‘symptoms’. In this session we will cleanse the energy of our bodies and so help prevent future symptoms and dis-eases from occurring Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self, for your soul. Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life.

For all levels and genders. £15

(Dependent on interest, this class may become a bi-monthly event. Please join the Yogic Prescription mailing list to be updated.)