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Exhibition: 'Conduct' (Inc 'Landed' and 'Undermine' projects)


Freeman's Wood
Freeman's Wood
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University LA1 4YW
Lancaster Arts

There are expectations around behaviour in society. Individual, collective and institutional Conduct is often governed by convention. The rules we live by might be written or unwritten, their motives transparent or concealed, their existence public or privileged knowledge.

Conduct presents a selection of works that reconsider systems of shared behaviour. They challenge convention in order to open up new possibilities for connection between people, creating new parameters for making sense of the world we live in.

Conduct forms part of a wider piece of work being undertaken around our relationship with Lancaster and will provide a context for a series of conversations about working with the city in the future.

Featuring work by:

Larry Achiampong
Johanna Billing
Rebecca Birch
Richard DeDomenici
Kathryn Elkin
Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Ellie Harrison
Peter Liversidge
Storey G2

Undermine, by Rebecca Birch, is a multi-platform work, including conversation events, performances and film work. It focuses on communities affected by fracking in Lancashire and investigates the psychological implications of being undermined, environmentally, democratically and emotionally.

The exhibition also includes displays on both the completed StoreyG2 project "Landed (Freeman’s Wood)", and the current project “Landed (Cadastral Maps)”.  

In “Landed (Freeman’s Wood)”, StoreyG2 commissioned artists to create artworks exploring landownership, with a focus on a site on the edge of the city of Lancaster. 
“Landed (Cadastral Maps)” is a pilot for a project to produce artists’ cadastral maps (maps of landownership) showing current and historical landownership of a rural area of north Lancashire.

CONDUCT runs from 24 January - 23 March 2018.  
The Peter Scott Gallery is open Open Monday - Friday 12pm-5pm and and on Nuffield and Great Hall performance nights until the start of the event. Admission is free.