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Farmers Against Fracking Day of Action


Preston New Road in Fylde, where Cuadrilla are building an industrial-scale 'test-fracking' site
Preston New Road in Fylde, where Cuadrilla are building an industrial-scale 'test-fracking' site
Maple Farm, Preston New Road, Little Plumpton PR4 3PE
Reclaim the Power


Every Friday in July, there will be mass public demos at the roadside of Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road.

Each week has a theme featuring various speakers, workshops and events.  If 100 people come to the site, Cuadrilla have to stop work.

Stay for a weekend of workshops, training and entertainment and into the following week if you want to take action against the fracking industry or help others in doing so.  

There are daily sessions, workshops and fun events throughout July: see the full programme at

Friday 19 July - Farmers Against Fracking

A day of family-friendly action for anyone who grows or eats food. 

What's going on? As part of a month of protests, this will be day of mass demonstration for anyone who grows (or eats) food.  On Friday activities will run from 8am – 4pm and include a roadside sit down lunch banquet of locally produced food (wear your finest overalls) a stall space to sell produce and small roving workshops on everything from Propagation for Kids to a Brief History of Land Rights.  Let's pull up the fracking industry before it takes root.

Showing up really will make a difference. Currently just the presence of more than 100 people at the entrance to the construction site shuts work for the day. Protests by local groups have already slowed work by several months at the site.

This July people from all around the UK are converging on Blackpool to support those resisting the first UK attempt to extract fracked gas on a commercial scale. Lancashire is billed as 'the Texas of England'.   What happens here will inform whether the industrialisation of the countryside for gas extraction is rolled out or pulled back.

We’re inviting Frack Free Groups and other communities facing fossil fuel extraction from across the country to share their stories and show support for the people on the front lines at Preston New Road.