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Film screening: "The Bentley Effect"

The Dukes Gallery, Lancaster LA1 1QE
Lancaster Fights Fracking

Tues 16 January 7.30pm
Wed 17 January 7.30pm

The Bentley Effect: a feature length documentary telling the story of activists saving a large rural region from fracking in Australia

Watch the trailer:

Activists Brendan Shoebridge, Simon Clough and Ian Gaillard, who fought off coal seam gas exploration on the New South Wales north coast, will travel to the UK in May to share their successful formula with communities facing their own environmental battles.

“We were faced with the Coal Bed Methane industry with a licence to produce gas destroying our farmland, our stunning rural landscapes and our water and air quality.  So we built a coalition of farmers, environmentalists, first nation people and average citizens to protect the region we all loved,” said Simon Clough, former Deputy Mayor of Lismore City who is travelling with the film.

Be prepared to be moved by this film.  Filmed over 5 years, “The Bentley Effect” is a new feature length documentary that will build empathy, engage audiences and prompt action like nothing else can. It has the power to not just change minds but change behaviours, legislation and build hopeful, more powerful and united communities.

“When this first started we had no idea CBM and other forms of unconventional gas would involve thousands of gas wells, with roads, pipelines, compressor stations, wastewater dams and desalination plants.  In other words productive and beautiful farm land becomes an industrial gasfield,” commented Ian Gaillard a local citizen activist.

“As a film maker I was in awe of the community’s response to the gas threat.  The community organised and mobilised with over 35,000 people visited in their homes and tens of thousands of DVDs burnt and distributed.  People were asked if they supported CSG and results showed that on average over 95% opposed it,” continued Brendan Shoebridge, the film’s producer and director.

"A series of dramatic blockades ensued, before the final battle lines were drawn in the peaceful farming valley of Bentley. Thousands of people flocked to the site to stare down the threat of 850 riot police – who had been ordered to break up the protest. What happened next was unprecedented and set an historic turning point."

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