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Free Film Screening: Documentary ‘A Mindful Choice’ explores the possibility that peace is available to all.

The Gregson Centre, Moor Lane Lancaster LA1 3PY
Sevita Ishaya

A MINDFUL CHOICE plants the seed of possibility that we could all live harmoniously with each other and with the planet. A shift in consciousness is required; a shift that starts with each of us choosing for inner peace. Individuals and communities are making that choice and the impact on their world is obvious.

The film demystifies a spiritual life. Anyone can integrate effective meditation techniques into their daily life, and directly experience more peace, contentment and joy. All that is required is a choice.

We engage with people from diverse backgrounds as they share their inner passage to freedom. Here’s a snapshot:

  • A Mexican school for at-risk children where all the teachers, children, caregivers and directors meditate, and interact in a loving way.
  • A visit to a Mexican maximum-security prison, racked by one of the deadliest riots three years earlier, reveals a caring environment — a dynamic created by more than 25% of the inmates, guards and management taking up meditation.
  • A former Mexican revolutionary who realized the peace she was seeking was within, not at the end of a gun barrel, blazed a trail in Cuba where her passion for peace has inspired a community of over 4,000 people.
  • A Ducati riding teacher of an ancient order of monks shares some pearls of wisdom.

We are led along the path of the hero — the universal quest for inner freedom — the journey from suffering through to a highly effective and connected life, free from the internal chatter of the mind. Inner peace is not for a select few — it’s actually our natural way of being — we’ve just forgotten how to live that way.

The team comprises successful film and documentary makers, including a BAFTA winning editor, and a double Emmy award-winning cinematographer.

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