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The Mobile Utopia Experiment

Lancaster Library LA1 1HY
Lancaster Fun Palace

12 Interactive Experiments – take part and discover how people, objects, ideas, resources may travel in a near-ish future of 2051. Everyone welcome! No need to register, just drop in. This is a Fun Palaces Activity.

Wednesday 1 November 2017 (12 noon to 5pm) and Thursday 2 November (9am to 12 noon)

Go to one of the two initial check points and discover which activities to get involved with, at those locations and at surprise nearby ones:

1st November 12:15 – 5:00 pm Town Library, Market Sq., Lancaster City Centre and Lancaster University Campus
2nd November 09:00 – 12:00 pm Lancaster University Lancaster Conference Centre and Infolab (LCC, South West Campus, and INF South Campus, see map here)

The Mobile Utopia Experiment is a creative enactment of a mobile utopia made concrete and personal in Lancaster, a medium-size university town. The enactment envisages how people, objects, ideas, resources will travel in a near-ish future of 2051. It explores, for example:

  • the social life and moral order of traffic as it increasingly incorporates ‘driverless’ mobile pods, dynamic on-demand ride sharing, a more densely populated vertical dimension, as well as incorporating more walking and cycling
  • social and material practices of mobilities of work, home and leisure
  • the im|material im|mobilities of plastic, bacteria, CO2, aerial particulates and data

Activities include:

MU01 The Marshrutka Video Quest
MU02 MSNanoX
MU03 isITethical? >Play
MU04 Dance your Vehicle: Become Sensicle
MU05 The Drift Economy
MU06 Parking in Utopia
MU07 Drone-topia?
MU08 Datadrift
MU09 Designing Mobile Futures
MU10 NowHere
MU11 Autopoiesioning: The ETA game
MU12 Synthopia

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