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Ray Hearne in Concert

Halton Mill, Mill Lane, Halton LA2 6ND

"As I grew of course pop and rock music filled my ears though I was always drawn to more acoustically minded folk; James Taylor and Joni Mitchell were biggies for me, Dylan and Leonard Cohen came later. In my late teens I discovered folk clubs and poetry; Martin Carthy, the Watersons, WB Yeats, Christy Moore, Ralph McTell, Dick Gaughan, the Chieftains, Seamus Heaney, and later on Roy Bailey. Same as many others.

"I learned lots of the songs and played them here and there but a sense grew up in me that something was lacking. Those lovely renderings expressed other people’s worlds but not my own. Where were the songs of South Yorkshire steel and coal? I knew songs about the Ohio, Thames and Shannon but not about the Don and Rother which had flowed through the whole of my life.

"Where were the songs in our accent? Shocking to say, they were nowhere to be found. It dawned on me that we would have to write them ourselves.

"What got me going eventually was Margaret Thatcher and Co., her government’s culture of lies, its co-ordinated and heartless assaults on the South Yorkshire that I knew, and the innumerable human casualties over whom it so carelessly rolled."

"the spirit of South Yorkshire oozes out of every groove …with typical honesty, humanity and good humour.” 

Doors Open from 7.30pm
Bar + Refreshments available
Tickets on the Door £7.50 Concessions £5