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From Self-Criticism to Self-Care

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From Self-Criticism to Self-Care
From Self-Criticism to Self-Care
Halton Mill, LA2 6ND
Sarah Ludford

Many of us sabotage ourselves daily by comparing ourselves to others (I'll never be as good as them) or criticising ourselves (you messed that up again). Often we speak to ourselves in ways we would never dream of speaking to others. We judge, criticise and make demands of ourselves on a daily basis.

My inner critic can eat away at my confidence and demonise parts of me that are actually doing their best to help me. It can keep me playing small, or make every step I take twice as hard as it needs to be.

Communication is often overlooked in terms of self-development, yet it is a focal part of healthy relationships, and our key relationship in life is the one we have with ourselves. Developing a compassionate and warm relationship with yourself can support you to find peace and self-acceptance and lead to a healthy brain, which means resilience and a growing sense of meaning and purpose.

This half-day course will support you to become aware of how you are relating to yourself right now and show you how to begin to build self-care by offering gentle empathy to the ways you speak to yourself.

During this course you will:

  • Learn a clear and simple process for listening to your inner critic with curiosity and warmth
  • Begin to understand what your critic is trying to tell you
  • Learn how to get clear what is really important to you moment by moment
  • Begin to build a different, more loving relationship with yourself
  • Experience the transforming effects of self-warmth
  • Develop simple, doable self-care practices that make a difference


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