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Something Called Home

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Art Exhibition
An exhibition of art from 27 artists responding to the theme 'Something Called Home'
king Street Studios LA1 1JN
King Street Studios

Something Called Home:

Home, or to feel at home, can emerge out of all kind of situations and circumstances, and might be triggered by many unexpected and diverse things. One certain thing is that it will bring a different set of feelings and responses from everyone.

Home? What is it and where is it? Is it a tangible bricks and mortar sort of thing? Does it make us feel safe and secure and separate from the world outside? Or does it bring a sense of dread and distrust? Is it a state of emotional contentment, a moment of togetherness, when need and desire are united? Or is it a place of loneliness and despair? Is it that Home isn't a tangible place but an object that encapsulates a time of safety, a place free of concern? Is it a sense of harmony (or discord) that comes from a feeling of togetherness (isolation), where self and that which surrounds us feel in-tune, (disconnected)? It could be any, or none, or all of these things.