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Halton Mill
Acrimony, Hoax and Grody

Acrimony, Hoax and Grody return with an original satirical comedy about power, information and morality.

Four strangers’ lives collide as they discover a suspicious package at a train station hurling them into a crisis they have no idea how to navigate.

This play is ‘Pay as you feel.’

Praise for Acrimony Hoax and Grody;

‘I saw these at the Gregson last week. Very powerful, and would recommend!’

‘…really entertaining event, “Three Short Plays” presented in the same space with no breaks or fanfares between stories. minimal cast presenting a focused idea within a minimal set — the acting therefore has to engage and captivate the audience, which it did admirably…’

‘Astoundingly concise kick ass creativity and delivery. Watched at Gregson yesterday, want to see them again.’

‘Very enjoyed. I was jiggled between affirmation and delusion. Wanted to write down many quotes but too engaged in the total sum. Had an effect on me on many levels. Bravo.’

‘Highly recommended.’