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Stories at the Storey True Story Open Mic Night

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The Storey
Community writers, readers, storytellers
North West Literary Arts

Detours, delays, cancellations: sometimes plans, journeys, and schedules run into unexpected disruptions. Sometimes we end up somewhere else; sometimes we arrive late or not at all. Good or bad, disruptions can lead us places beyond our imagination.

Join us as 5–7 storytellers share true stories about plans, dreams, and adventures that have been derailed, rescheduled, cancelled, delayed, or otherwise disrupted (physical, mental, emotional) and the things that sometimes run off course on the journey from point A to point B.

Have a true story to share? Email ( message, tweet us to sign up for your 3–5-minute (2–4 pages A4) slot.

Not sure you're ready to read your true story? That’s fine too. Come by and listen. If you would like to share a story but want us to offer some feedback, get in touch. We can help you get your story ready.
When: Thursday, June 28, 7-8 PM

Where: Printroom Café & Bar, Lancaster
Sponsored by Graduate College, Stories at the Storey is a ‘pay what you decide’ event. Order free tickets via Eventbrite.