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Thomas McCarthy - 'The Irish Traveller'. Talk & Performance

Burton in Lonsdale Village Hall, LA6 3JU

Talk and performance in music and words

£6 on the door

"To be able to tell children the wonderful stories I learnt from our people, the travelling people, that my family passed down through the generations, is a joy. I find nothing more rewarding, that when a child asks me for a story, seeing their eyes light up at stories about fairies, hunchbacks, banshees, druids, Finn McCool and Cuchulain.   

"These stories are too often forgotten, but are an important part of our heritage, kept alive by our ancestors.  Stories are still so important, they can keep you grounded in a world where people have forgotten the art of communication and conversation and the kids are all on mobile phones and computers.  These old stories are relevant to all people, adults and children, immaterial of ethnicity."