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Weekly Hatha Yoga Classes at Lancaster Library

Lancaster Library — Market Square Upstairs Sanctuary Room

Are you wanting to try yoga but are worried about being tied in knots, or you don't fancy standing on your head, and are worried that everyone can do it, and you won't be able to… Well, this is the right class for you. The style is Hatha, but we work at a steady pace, avoiding any gymnastic-looking postures, and aiming the sessions at re-balance. We don't want to increase our levels of stress, we want to reduce them and move with ease. 

This is a weekly drop-in class, aimed at anyone who wants to find more stillness, and get more out of their bodies and minds as a result. 

Helen is a Qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher with over 15 years' teaching experience, but a lifetime of health and well-being experience, Helen teaches in Preston, Lancaster and Garstang. She is also a Nordic Walking teacher, and works in the community full-time.

"Helen's classes are fun, she has endless energy and does something different each week so we never get bored, and I can do more than I think I can."

Come and give it a go, even if you have tried it before and been put off yoga — this will inspire you to get back on your mat…

Weekly classes [text 07927690256 for more details]