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A Breath for Life
The Holistic Centre, Borrans Lane. Morecambe LA3 3JJ, UK
Telephone: (+44) (0)1524 855422

A Breath for Life Children’s Charity started life in 1996 as a naturopathic clinic, providing alternative and complementary therapies for both sick and brain-injured children.

From those early beginnings and as a result of a perceived need, our energy and focus has been directed in developing a much needed, efficient, hyperbaric oxygen treatment centre.

Oxygen is a primary healer and is capable of stimulating the body into ‘self healing mode’.

The charity founder, Jane Dean, has over forty years’ experience in health care and brings both her vision and expertise to the care of sick and brain-injured children and adults.

The hyperbaric chamber was made possible due to the generosity of the late Molly and Betty Derham, two sisters who, although elderly, could clearly see the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The charity is indebted to their kindness.

The charity is now governed by five Trustees, the Chairman, Mr George Birkett and managed by Mr Dave Holehouse. The centre is open five days a week and is kept open by five willing and dedicated volunteers.

Vision and Mission Statment

A Breath for Life is dedicated to providing affordable hyperbaric oxygen treatment for all. We offer information and access to a hyperbaric chamber which is designed specifically to treat chronic health conditions which have been unrelieved by conventional medical interventions.