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David Lewis Pogson


David Lewis Pogson
David Lewis Pogson


David Lewis Pogson is a writer based in the Lancaster area. For 50 years he practiced as a Chartered Surveyor becoming a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. His career required him to write endlessly ... reports, letters, particulars, bids ... which earned him a living but gave him little creative satisfaction. So he started to write articles on surveying topics and work experiences for a professional magazine which allowed him to introduce some controversy, humour and the odd bit of fiction.

He was paid a back-handed compliment by one reader who said "You have the ability to turn a totally boring subject into something half-way readable." Buoyed by this success he branched out into short stories and poetry and has been published in a variety of media. Along the way he won the Cumbria Local History Federation Prize for his paper on 'The Ulverston Bank Clock' which he published as a book and the Freerange Theatre Company's Playframe Short Story Competition which the Company converted into a play and which then toured rural venues.  

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