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Food Clubs


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Food Clubs intercept safe and edible food that would otherwise just go to waste. It can be because of something as simple as a batch where the labels have been printed incorrectly, or because they are close to a 'recommended sell-by date'. Local food clubs tend to be mainly supplied in bulk by a larger recovery organisation. They can supply all kinds of groceries - tins, packets, frozen and fresh.  

Food Clubs are not a foodbank or a registered charity. You must be a registered member to participate. A food club may reassign your membership to a waiting applicant (depending on local take-up) if your attendance lapses for a series of consecutive weeks. 

Each club charges a small weekly membership fee for members to come, enjoy refreshments, socialise and collect their allocation. Members usually leave with about two bags of free 'shopping'. 

Lancaster Food Clubs

Lancaster Labour Community Food Club meets on Thursdays at 6.30pm at the Friends Meeting House. £3 

Marsh Community Food Club meets on Thursdays at 12pm at Marsh Community Centre. £3

The New Melbourne Food Club meets on Thursdays at 9.15am and 5.15pm at the New Melbourne, LA1 2JH. £3

Skerton Food Club meets on Tuesdays at 1.30pm at Skerton Community Centre LA1 2JH. £2.50

Morecambe Food Clubs

Sustainability Morecambe Food Club meets on Tuesdays at 6.15 at Stanley Road Baptist Hall LA3 1UP. £2.50