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Lancaster Cohousing Company Limited
Registered at: 9 Forgebank Walk, Halton, Lancaster LA2 6FD
Tel.: (general enquiries and Heron Bank) 01524 812843

Cohousing is a housing development that balances the advantages of home ownership with the benefits of shared common facilities and connections with your neighbours. These co-operative neighbourhoods are designed to encourage both social contact and individual space, and are organised, planned and managed by the residents themselves.

Private homes contain all the features of conventional homes, but residents also have access to a common house with shared facilities such as a dining room, a children's playroom, workshops and laundry. Resident cooked dinners are often available in the common house for those who wish to participate.

All the residents have now moved into Forgebank, our cohousing project of private homes, community facilities, workshops/offices/studios and shared outdoor space. The site is just outside Lancaster on the outskirts of the village of Halton and offers stunning views of the river Lune. The project is being built on ecological values in partnership with our architects, Ecoarc and our builders, Whittle Construction.

All our homes are now sold. If you are interested in living at Forgebank, please consider applying to our waiting pool or contacting us for further information.

We welcome people who want to rent, people buying to rent to others and people looking to develop shared ownership. If any of these options might suit you contact us to discuss possibilities.


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