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Lancaster Eco-Alliance Project (LA1)

We can be eco-shoppers even if we forget our shopping bags because there is Lancaster Eco-Alliance Project!

Lancaster Eco-Alliance Project was born with a question: what can we do to create an eco-minded shopping environment that is friendly at all fronts? With the simple act that shops are happy to take in CLEAN shopping bags from customers to reuse, the positive effects are:

1) Shops reduce need for new plastic bags.
2) Customers are guilt-free when they forget bringing shopping bags or having too few shopping bags to bring the goodies home. Shopping bags can be reused instead of going to the bin.  
3) The environment is helped by less natural resources excavation for making new bags, fewer bags going to landfills/ocean.

Win, win, win!

Extra to the visible effects is we promote an eco-minded shopping culture that is desperately needed today.
More extra is that we bring the local independent shops to the front to customers. Independent shops are treasures to give characters to a place and definitely need support from customers, so we are doing what we can in this local eco-group! 

Check out the already participated shops that take in clean shopping bags/tubs to reuse here:

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*To know more about Lancaster Eco-Alliance Project (LA1) and how to participate in it:

*Reusing plastic bags is very green!