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Lancaster & Morecambe Lions Club
Andrew Dodgson (Secretary), 11 Lawnswood Avenue, Scotforth, Lancaster, LA1 4NZ
Tel.: 01524 383375

Lions are just ordinary folk who get together and do some extraordinary things. In fact some even say that Lions do amazing things, though we at Lancaster and Morecambe will settle for just helping our local community in every way that we can.

Everyone in Lions starts as an ordinary club member, just like ourselves. Some go on to take regional, national and international responsibilities, but most, like many of us, simply enjoy working to help our local communities.

We welcome people of all shapes and sizes, male and female, young and not so young, race and religion, of any job or profession. Some of our members like to work up front, while others, through work, family commitments, or just preference, prefer to work more in the background. In fact it is said that being a Lion can be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

One of our major roles is fund raising but we also like to be hands on, organising events such as our popular senior citizens’ parties. At the other end of the spectrum we have helped many young people’s and children’s organisations.

Our Lancaster and Morecambe Lions Club was founded in the autumn of 1968, with 1969 its first full year. For this reason we take 1969 as our first ‘proper’ year, hence we have 2009 as our 40th anniversary year.

Our club is affiliated to Lions International and works to help its local community, both through direct action and through fund raising for local charities. From time to time the Club also helps both national and international appeals for help.

Lions is very much a family orientated organisation and we could not do much of our work without the help and support of our families. Some of our members have three generations of their families joining us for many of our events. We also fully recognise that our members have work and family commitments outside Lions — it is a case of giving what time you can.

We in Lancaster and Morecambe Lions Club believe that Lions should be fun, whether we are working or just relaxing. Apart from our own club happenings, we also often join up with other clubs in our area. There are also regional, national, and international events if they take your fancy.