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Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan Beginners Class

Tuesday 6pm Cornerstone Cafe, Sulyard St.

Wednesday 4pm Wytch Way, Ullswater Road

Friday 6pm Cornerstone Cafe, Sulyard St.

This class serves the student wishing to use Tai Chi and QiGong as a combative component against specific ailments.  It is also used as an introductory course for the student wishing to study Tai Chi as a martial art at the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan.  And it is useful to the student simply wishing to maintain a sense of health and well being.

Classes consist of Classical Yang style Tai Chi and QiGong.  Friday's class is self-defence application, QiGong and Form. 

Private one2one sessions are also available.

All students are asked to attend an initial one2one at Dacrelands Health Centre before joining the class.  These introductory sessions cost £10.

After this classes are £6 per 90 minute class, £10 for 2 classes, £13 for 3 and £15 for a private one2one.

All ages and abilities welcome.  All exercises can be adapted. Seated Tai Chi is also taught from this school.

For more information and to book an initial one2one please visit

Contact: Larry Jones

07579 965 016



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