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Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan Health and Motivational classes

Monday 10am – 11am.
Over 50s Youth Club, Rainbow Centre, Clarence Street, Morecambe, LA4 5EX.
Cost: £3 per class plus membership fee of £20 per year, or £6 per class.

Wednesday — two classes at the Rainbow Centre, these classes are run so that students can attend just the one 45-minute session without missing any curriculum, or both 45-minute sessions without too much repetition of curriculum.
Class 1 is 9:45am – 10:30am, Class 2 is 10:45am – 11:30am.
Over 50s Youth Club, Rainbow Centre, Morecambe, LA4 5EX.
Cost: £3 for the 45 minute or £4 for the full 90-minute class plus membership fee of £20 per year, or £6/£8 per session without membership.

Wednesday 12:30pm – 1:20pm
Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Doris Henderson Way, Lancaster, LA1 5JS.
Cost: Salt Ayre membership fee or £5.80 per class.

Thursday 1pm – 1:45pm
Neuro Drop In Centre, Stone Row Head, Lancaster, LA1 3QZ
Cost: First class is free and then £2 per class plus membership fee of £15 per year.

Friday 1pm – 3pm
United Reform Church, Sefton Road, Morecambe, LA3 1TZ
Cost: £3 per class includes handouts and tea!

Other than the above, colleague and co-student at the Lancaster School runs a class that is both more an introduction to the original form of Lu Chan and also a good introduction to the advanced classes for the serious student.

Monday 6pm – 7:30pm
Trinity United Reform Church, Bowerham Road, Lancaster LA1 4AQ
Cost: £6 per class

Please phone Steven Kidd on 07850 081 763 or email for this class.

Paul Florkowski runs the advanced classes for serious martial artists only, please phone Paul on 07708 896 334 should you be interested in studying tai chi as a martial art.

Feel free to send me an email at with any questions or thoughts.  Or phone to arrange which class may suit you best.