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TSR Heysham site, Middleton Road, Morecambe LA3 3JW
T: 01524 853053
F: 01524 850238
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The Heysham site is the largest producer in the group of secondary liquid fuel (Cemfuel™) employing 115 people at its location near Morecambe. The operation is a Top Tier COMAH facility and handles 1000s MT per week of flammable solvents and hazardous waste.

The site produces the fuel from waste organic materials that cannot be recovered by traditional solvent refining techniques. Residues left from producing clean solvents for re-use are also incorporated in Cemfuel™. These materials are carefully processed and blended to a strict specification before they are ready for use in the cement and lime industries as a partial replacement for coal in the firing of their kilns. All organic materials in the fuel are completely and safely destroyed in the very high temperatures — over 1,450 degrees Celsius — and relatively long residence times obtained in a cement kiln.

Benefits of Cemfuel™ include:

  • Providing a net saving in carbon dioxide emissions from the cement and lime industries
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels
  • Recovering energy from organic wastes.

On this site we offer the following services:

  • Processing of tins, kegs, drums, intermediate bulk containers, bulk loads and skips
  • Solvent Blending
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Thermal Oxidiser
  • Disposal of empty metal or plastic drums and IBCs
  • Our transfer station holds a permit allowing acceptance of a wide range of hazardous waste types, excluding radioactives, explosives and clinical wastes