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£7m savings proposals to be considered by Lancashire County Council's Cabinet

John Freeman

Savings proposals totalling around £7m over the next three years will be considered by Lancashire County Council's Cabinet when it meets on Thursday next week (7th December 2017).

The proposals, which cover plans as diverse as potentially closing some transport information centres, stopping the member grants scheme, and stopping some of the county council's extra sheltered care support , have been worked up by senior council officers and will be presented to Cabinet as budget options.

"We have made no secret of the fact that the county council faces an extremely serious financial challenge," commented County Councillor Geoff Driver CBE, Leader of Lancashire County Council. "We know that we will face a funding gap of £161m in 2021/22 and that we will have spent the county council's available reserves within the next two years.

"It is imperative that we put plans in place to make the necessary savings to secure a sustainable future for the county council, and the vital services that our most vulnerable residents rely on.

"That will inevitably mean making very difficult decisions and it is clear that these proposals will require very serious thought and consideration of their implications, when Cabinet meets next week."

The papers for the Cabinet meeting on Thursday 7th November are available here on the County Council web site