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Adults warned about risks of buying alcohol for children

John Freeman
Adults are being warned about the risks of buying alcohol for underage children after a local man was given an £80 fine for buying booze for teens.
The 20 year-old man was given the fine after police were alerted to the fact that he had passed vodka, wine and beer on to a group of youngsters after making a purchase in Halton.

PCSO Annette Hoover, Halton neighbourhood police team, said: “Buying alcohol for children is dangerous in that it makes the youngsters susceptible to harm when they become drunk. It also adds to the alcohol-fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour in an area.

“Aside from these obvious dangers, there is also the risk that you will get an £80 fine, and you can face a criminal conviction," she added. "Adults should be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to preventing underage children from getting access to alcohol.”