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Anti-fracking legal appeal planned as Cuadrilla set first rig in Lancashire


Cuadrilla's fracking site at Preston New Road
Cuadrilla's fracking site at Preston New Road
Chris Satori

Legal appeal plans

Anti-fracking campaigners are planning to appeal the dismissal of their legal challenge to Communities Secretary Sajid Javid's decision to re-open the Public Inquiry for Roseacre Wood. 

After Lancashire County Council refused Cuadrilla's application to carry out hydraulic fracturing (fracking) at the Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood sites, Javid overruled their decision with respect to Preston New Road, but sent Cuadrilla back to the drawing board to revise their application with regard to Roseacre Wood. The public enquiry was due to begin in April but has been delayed by legal challenges.

After a thorough evaluation of the judge's lengthy report, the campaigners' legal team has concluded that there are fundamental grounds on which to appeal the decision and that is what they're now preparing to do. You can help them with their costs at and at

Government policy report on fracking risks avoided data

Coincidently, an independent report has revealed the flawed science that has been, and still is, used by government to justify fracking. This is covered in a recent news article by journalist Ruth Hayhurst of Drill or Drop? which you can read here

Conductor rig installed at Preston New Road today

In the meantime, daily confrontations continue at the Preston New Road site where Cuadrilla are attempting to install drilling equipment on what is turning out to be a surprisingly large site. Today their first conductor rig was installed to set the conductor pipe – the first layer of well casing – into the ground (read report).

As well as a steady influx of Lancastrians coming to support the protesters people have visited from all over the UK, in recognition that climate change is not merely a local issue. There continue to be widespread allegations of overly heavy-handed actions by police against peaceful anti-fracking campaigners. Evidence of these abuses is now being compiled to be submitted first to the Independent Police Complaint Commission before seeking legal redress.

Fracking ban stops Cuadrilla in the Netherlands

Yesterday, campaigners from The Netherlands visited the controversial fracking site at Preston New Road. Dutch campaigners successfully achieved a moratorium on fracking, stopping Cuadrilla's plans to frack in The Netherlands.

Local friends of the Earth campaigner, Polly Steiner, said: "The shale industry have really placed Lancashire in their sights, but rather than see a shale 'revolution', local community campaigners, joined by businesses, trade unions, as well as many others have opposed the industry and been successful in holding them at bay. 

"It is really encouraging to meet other people who have succeeded, while in Lancashire we continue the campaign to stop fracking, because of the risks it poses to people, the countryside and to the climate."

Irish ban in the pipeline

Ireland yesterday moved a step closer to banning onshore hydraulic fracturing after the Dáil passed a Fine Gael private member’s Bill to ban the practice. 

Boycott Cuadrilla funders British Gas

People pressure on Barclays Bank has forced them into selling fracking company Third Energy which has a licence to drill in North Yorkshire.  Campaigners are now focussed on the British Gas brand of Centrica PLC which is funding Cuadrilla's fracking plans in Lancashire.  Which? magazine pariah British Gas has lost 400,000 customers over the last year and gas customers are being encouraged to switch to a frack free supplier

Getting hooked into extreme energy is generally a sign that a business is in trouble, and British Gas customers won't be surprised to discover that their supplier has one of the lowest consumer satisfaction ratings of all the supplying companies.