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Art : a la Carte - 28 June 2017


Marion Kuit, Yellow Wallpaper
Marion Kuit, Yellow Wallpaper
Peter Clarke

Art and Craft Events


Crafty Vintage fair

1-2 July at Lancaster Castle

Arts, crafts and collectibles  

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Inspired by journeys

Photographic exhibition at Carnforth Station Heritage Centre, open till 30th June 2017

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Coming of Age: Ruskin's Drawings from the 1840-41 Tour

24 April to 1 September 2017

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BOHEMIA Exhibition @ GALLERY 23

11th May to 7th October 2017

An eclectic mix of paintings and artifacts reflecting the bohemian lifestyle

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Boomtown - From Front Line to White Lund

13th May to 12th November 2017

Munitions in Lancaster during wartime

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Get Your Skates On! - The story of roller skating

31st May to 2nd August; 10:00 to 16:00

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A display of skates, information posters and colour postcards showing the history and the fun of roller skating. It is hard today to realize the revolution that the roller skating brought to the Victorian age. The rink provided a neutral space for the mixing and close proximity of the sexes. A gentleman might lend a hand to steady a lady (or vice versa) and the resultant falls provided both humour and chance to examine a shapely leg.

The first patented roller skate was developed in 1760 by John Joseph Merlin. By stages this design was developed and improved. A pair of in-line wheels became the norm and stability was improved with the use of ball bearing races to give the modern roller skate. The first public skating rink was opened in 1856 at the Strand in London and soon roller skating rinks could be found throughout the country. Morecambe Pier had its open air rink, thought the central pier suffered major damage in 1933 when the staging of the rink caught fire.

Along with a central display, this exhibition comprises some sixteen coloured postcards from the early 1900s, where humorous captions accompany drawings of various falls and mishaps. Also there is a selection of a half dozen black & white artwork from the Illustrated London News newspaper, one depicting sailors rollerskating along the decks of a naval worship (1909), and finally there are four boards of information.

The display is located in the exhibition room above the spiral staircase in the Lancaster Maritime Museum, where the hope is that members of the public can add to this by providing their recollections and photographs.

This is a fun exhibition, that is free to view to anyone with a Lancaster postcode (though donations are accepted)


30 x 30

Monday 19th June to Sunday 13th August 2017

Photographs of the Dukes' outdoor productions

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On the 24th June 1987, the Dukes held its first 'walk-about' production in the Williamson's park. This proved such a success that the Dukes made outdoor productions a regular part of their summer calendar.

This exhibition of 30 photographs celebrates the subsequent 30 year of performances in the park. The photographs capture the trials of production, the comraderie amongst the various production workers and the delight of the audience. They show

  • A dragon and women in frog costumes
  • Rainy days and sunshine
  • Meetings and make-up
  • Audiences and actors
  • Technical staff working in a tree and a good selection of the hard work and rewards of open air theatre.

Over 500,000 people have enjoyed these walkabout productions and this small photographic exhibition captures the highs, the lows, and the fun of maintaining this Lancaster tradition.

Entry is free.


Lancaster Words

6th to 8th July 2017

Lancaster University presents a celebration of the writtern and spoken word.  This is a cornucopia of exciting events, typically free of charge, at various locations within Lancaster.  For more information

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The Venus Papers by Lydia Towsey

15 July 2017 at 19:30

Tales of 21st Century women

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Telling in Full

Peter Scott Gallery

6th to 8th July 2017

Words inspired by art

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