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Bad Moon rises over Yorkshire House for Hallowe'en!

John Freeman
A top Hallowe'en "do-it-yourself music event" has been organised to mark Sunday 31st October at the Yorkshire House, Lancaster.

Bad Moon sees the po)))nies (an otherwise modest 'punk-folk' outfit, pictured right) hosting a festive celebration which will feature Lancaster passion pit rock via the Little Hero Band, honeydripper romance from The Charming Drunk, shock horror from po)))nies and orchestral manoeuvres in the dark via community ensemble Off The Rails.

There will also be Mystery Guests adding to the haunted vibes; festive records, pumpkins, decorative corn and good food and costume.

"A sub-current to this event will be to invite local artists, bands and performers to bring their cds, cdrs records and tapes etc. for a bring and buy of locally produced music," organiser Tom Bramhall told virtual-lancaster. "If there's anyone reading would like to bring and share their output with an interested public, come out on the night!

Entry will cost three pounds on the door with all proceeds towards the running of the event.

Anyone with even a passing interest in locally produced music is encouraged to come out for a festive evening of thrills, and spills of music from the blood orange to the deep purple...