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Businesses urged to stay safe if closing over Christmas

John Freeman
Police in Wyre are urging local businesses to take some simple crime prevention steps if they are closing over Christmas.

Many businesses close down for up to two weeks at the end of the year and can become vulnerable if security measures are not in place.

Crime prevention officer Ian Lonsdale said: “Before leaving the property for the Christmas period, spend a little time thinking about security. Make sure all doors are locked and all windows are closed.

“If an intruder alarm is fitted make sure it is properly set and use timer switches to turn lights on as this gives the illusion that the property is occupied.”

He added: “Make sure any vehicles left on the premises are secure, with the keys removed - ideally take the keys off the premises. Gates should be locked using good quality attack resistant locks. If possible, pay regular visits to the premises to check that all is secure and report anything suspicious to the police.

“Crime is low in Lancashire and following these simple tips can help keep it that way.”

• For further advice, Ian Lonsdale can be contacted on 01995 607862 or via e-mail