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Candidates declared for Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Election

John Freeman
The candidates for Lancashire's first Police and Crime Commissioner elections which will take place on 15th November have now been formally declared.

The PCC will replace the current Lancashire Police Authority. Lancashire has four candidates in the running for the new position. The successful candidate will be declared on 16th November.

The candidates for Lancashire are:

  • Afzal Anwar – Liberal Democrats
    "Lancashire led the way in bringing back local community policing," he says in his election statement. "I will make sure this success story is not undermined by spending cuts.
    "My top priority is Frontline community policing so that everyone feels safe and secure in their home and neighbourhood.
    "Young people are too often alienated from the police. We must build trust between all young people and the police. I will also create apprenticeships for young people within the police service.
    "Domestic violence is on the increase inLancashire. This is a top problem for action.I will make drug dealing and violent crime a high priority."
  • Tim Ashton
    Tim Ashton – Conservative
    "As a local resident, I know how important it is that we have the best Police Force to serve Lancashire," says Tim. "As a victim of crime myself, I know what a good job the police do already. However it is vital that residents in communities right across Lancashire have a say in policing priorities. I will make sure that this happens.
    "I will give the police in Lancashire just one target: To cut crime. Far too often they are stuck behind a desk, filling forms, ticking boxes and working their way through red-tape. I will make sure that they are out on the streets, in our towns and villages, visible and doing the job they joined up for; protecting us.
    "I will get rid of the softly, softly approach that we sometimes see. All crime must be taken seriously, from the most serious organised crime, right down to so called low-level nuisance like graffiti and anti-social behaviour. Offenders should be brought to justice, and victims supported."
  • Rob Drobny
    Robert Drobny – UK Independence Party
    "Gangs on street corners, robberies and burglaries up, police officers attacked in the line of duty," says Drobny in his election statement. "This is the reality of crime on our city streets, a reality that the people of Lancashire should not have to put up with. I believe that enough is enough and that we have to challenge those who commit crime head on, with tough policing and even tougher sentencing.
    "Far too often the victims of crime are ignored by crime policies that suit a politically correct elite, with a revenue raising agenda. As Your Police and Crime Commissioner I will use my powers and large budget to influence the policing agenda, to make sure that the victims voice is heard not the criminals."
  • Clive Grunshaw
    Clive Grunshaw – Labour
    "My aim in standing for Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner is to ensure that Lancashire Police are accessible and deliver the protection, security and service that the people of Lancashire want and deserve.
    "I aim to be a champion for equality and diversity. I shall represent all the communities across Lancashire irrespective of race or religion. This will make all our lives safer and more secure.
    "Lancashire has a reputation for excellent standards in policing. We need to build on this reputation and not let the Coalition Government’s cuts to police jobs reverse the reduction in crime that was achieved by the last Labour government."
Lancashire Police Authority Chief Executive Miranda Carruthers-Watt, said: "We are just a few weeks from the election but there is still time to register to vote and ensure you have a say on who becomes Lancashire's very first PCC.

"There's lots of information available about this election and about the candidates. Voters can visit the dedicated websites or can call to receive information in the post.

"As well as the LPA's campaign, there's lots of work going on behind the scenes to ensure all staff are prepared for this change and we're working closely with Lancashire Constabulary and our criminal justice and community safety partners to ensure the transition is a smooth one."

• For more information about the role of the new Commissioner, go to For more information about the candidates go to

. Alternatively, a dedicated phone line has been set up where voters can request printed information for free: 0800 107 0708