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Cat Smith holds Lancaster & Fleetwood for Labour with 6,661 majority


Cat Smith MP, Lancaster & Fleetwood Labour
Cat Smith MP, Lancaster & Fleetwood Labour
Chris Satori


Congratulations to Cat Smith MP, who has held Lancaster & Fleetwood for Labour, with 25,342 votes (55.1% of the turnout) increasing her majority from 1,265 in 2015 to 6,661.

The overall poll of 46,082 is 4,430 voters higher than in 2015.

In 2015 UKIP's Matthew Atkins polled 4,060 votes but UKIP stood down this time, leading to predictions of a Conservative win. In fact, Eric Ollerenshaw's share of the vote rose by just 2,303. The Lib Dem's Robin Long and the Greens' Rebecca Joy Novell both suffered a reduction in votes, due to a strong national campaign for tactical voting. 



Labour Cat Smith    Votes: 25,342   share 55.1% Net percentage change  +12.8%  Majority 6,661 

Conservative Eric Ollerenshaw     Votes 18,681  share 40.6% Net percentage change +1.4%

Liberal Democrat Robin Long     Votes 1,170  share 2.5%  Net percentage change  -0.8%

Green Party Rebecca Novell     Votes 796  share 1.7% Net percentage change -3.3%