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Climate change expert speaks out against fracking at PNR


Climate Change expert John Ashton speaks out against fracking
Climate Change expert John Ashton speaks out against fracking
Chris Satori

During this week's ‘Green Monday’ event at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road fracking site, local residents and campaigners opposed to fracking were joined by John Ashton CBE, the former Special Representative for Climate Change at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Mr Ashton is an esteemed diplomat and climate change expert, having served UK governments between 2006-2012.

In March 2014, Mr Ashton presented an energy and climate change address to Lancashire County Council, to support the communities of Preston New Road and Roseacre in their opposition to extreme fossil fuel extraction by hydraulic fracturing.

Mr Ashton’s visit came as Cuadrilla is in the final stages of preparation for fracking at Preston New Road, and they are also, once again (following a planning refusal) seeking permission for fracking at Roseacre at the reopened public inquiry in April. Earlier this month, Lancashire County Council's development control committee voted unanimously to maintain its objection to Cuadrilla's exploratory fracking plans at Roseacre in the forthcoming public inquiry.

During his speech, John Ashton stated:

    “You can be in favour of fracking or you can be in favour of doing something about climate change. But you certainly can’t be in favour of doing both at the same time.”