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County Conservatives Train Response Delayed!

John Freeman

As Lancashire’s train commuters faced a third week of misery and chaos on the trains, Councillor Driver, leader of Lancashire County Council, finally, on Tuesday, released a tweet on the failings of Northern Rail.

There wasn’t even a link to a full statement.

Councillor Erica Lewis, Lancashire’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport said “Councillor Driver’s statement like thousands of trains across Lancashire appeals to have been significantly delayed. Did it really take him over two weeks to form an opinion that Northern’s service is ‘wholly unacceptable’? Most travellers formed that opinion in the first day or two or the new timetable.”

“Thousands of late and cancelled trains have caused misery and chaos for travellers across Lancashire, but it appears that Cllr Driver was only prepared to speak after the Secretary of State had given the line.”

“Councillor Driver has a seat on the board of Transport for the North. At Council on May 24th, I raised his lack of response to the Northern Rail debacle, and it took more than ten days from that question to get a statement of fewer than 240 characters. The weakness and lateness of Cllr Driver’s statement must make us question whether his priority is getting a decent service reinstated or protecting his party from the mess they have created.”

"Councillor Driver must do more than issue a tweet; he should be joining with the many others across the North West who have called for the franchise to be removed from Northern, and to be managed in the north, for the north."