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Don't forget to Register to Vote for the General Election

John Freeman


With the General Election set to take place on 8th June 2017, it is important you register to vote and then use your vote on the day. You can register online at

Hundreds of thousands of people could be disenfranchised by failing to register in time. Assuming you are eligible, you can register any time but, be aware, there will be a deadline. The deadline to register for the last General Election is midnight on 22nd May.

Having registered:

  • If you want a postal vote, you must apply for it by 5pm on Tuesday 23 May. Download the form here
  • If you want a proxy vote (someone to vote for you), you must apply by Wednesday 31 May.  Download the form here
  • For an emergency proxy vote, for example if you end up in hospital, it's 5pm on the day of the election.

If you are already on the electoral roll, you do not need to register again and your local authority can tell you if you are already on the register. If you voted in the European Union referendum last year, and haven't moved, you are most likely already on the list.

If you're not on the electoral roll, register to vote on the government's website. On the "Register to Vote" page it is possible to update a name, address and other electoral register details, choose whether you want to vote by post or in person, and change whether you are on the open register.

It takes five minutes to register and, when doing so, you'll need your National Insurance number. If you're a British citizen living abroad you will also need your passport.

Being registered to vote improves your credit rating. Immediately.

Register to vote using this link: