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Fly to the Platform for pantomime fun

John Freeman
Panto season is rapidly approaching and The Platform in Morecambe is hosting the family favourite, Aladdin from 20th December.

The age-old story from China is brought right up to date in this fast colourful presentation from the renowned Fame Factory in Derby.

Abanazer is banished to Earth, and finds his way to Old Peking, in search of Aladdin, the only boy who can help him find the greatest treasure in the universe. Complications arise when Widow Twanky, a repressed laundry owner, gets her claws into Abanazer who evades her amorous advances by convincing her that he is her long lost brother.

Twanky’s other son, the hapless Wishee Washee, doesn’t help by telling on Aladdin who is secretly meeting the Princess. Aladdin only escapes the Chinese water torture by being apprenticed to, yes you’ve guessed, Abanazer, who promptly takes him on a field trip to a certain magic cave. Aladdin is sent into the cave to bring out the treasure, but finds that Abanazer has tricked him, so refuses to hand over the treasure- a rusty old lamp.

Abanazer, in a fit of pique, locks him in the cave. Aladdin, however, by happy chance finds a genie in the lamp, who brings him safe back to Peking a rich man, and able to marry his princess and live in luxury.

End of story? Nah! Abanazer tricks the princess into exchanging the old, magic lamp for a shiny but ordinary new one, and is promptly spirited away by Abanazer to the ends of the earth.  Aladdin, Twanky, Wishee, and PC Pong eventually confront Abanazer- but can they overcome his magic? Can they rescue the Princess? Only the Dragon knows the secret!

To find out how the story ends book your tickets now.

There are shows on 20th, 21st, 26th and 27th December from 2.30pm. Prices are £7 for adults £6 for children and £22 for a family ticket. Group discounts are also available, please contact the Box office on 01524 582803 for details.

Tickets can be purchased from the Platform and the Visitor Information Centres in Morecambe and Lancaster. You can also buy tickets over the phone on 01524 582803 and online at

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