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Four Abstract Artists Review


Poster for the four abstract artists exhibition
Four Abstract Artists Poster
Peter Clarke

Four Abstract Artists

27th March to 7th April 11:00 to 15:30 (closed Sundays)

The Gallery at The Storey

Meeting House Lane

Lancaster LA1 1TH

Tel. 01524 582392

Artists' website:

4AA (4 Abstract Artists)

The exhibition comprises a collection of contemporary art from the artists:

  • Bryn Trescatheric, a Writer, Historian and Painter.
  • Nigel Morris, Painter and Printmaker.
  • Jude Trescatheric (Judy Slack), a Lancaster based painter who alternates between loose figurative and abstract work.
  • Theresa Taylor, an inter-disciplinary artist based in the NW of England.

This exhibition is a celebration both of the artistic processes within the conversation of abstraction and also of the long standing friendship between artists Jude and Theresa, which dates back to when they were undergraduates in Fine art at the Storey in the 1970s.


Bryn Trescatheric (22 paintings on display)

A major influence in Bryn's work is that of Abstract Expressionism. His painting is characterised by blocks of colour, typically subdued, where thick paint, scumbling and washes are used great effect to produce a variety of texture. A recurring feature of the work is distress, and decay. This is manifest in the irregular choice of shape and abundant use of rough edges. The pieces in this exhibition benefit from descriptive titles. There is the imposing constructions of ‘After the Plague, Abandoned Fields' and ‘Flood Plain’; or the dark and melancholic ‘Not Dark Yet but it’s Getting There'. These works contrast with a view, seeming through a window, of a wild vista in ’Won't Get Foiled Again', the more airy graphics over a construction in ‘Dancing Men’ of the almost figurative landscape in ‘Don’t Go In There'. Other works utilise a brighter splash of colour, an example being the orange and red of ‘Tiger Bay’. The medium chosen is typically acrylic on canvas.


Nigel Morris (14 paintings on display)

Nigel is a visual artist working out of North Wales and he describes his work as conceptual abstraction. Current themes of the work are the relationship between text and image, proposing writing as pure mark-making and drawing as work objects, almost a role reversal of function and aesthetic. The works within the exhibition seem to fall within a number of groupings. The first sets of works seem very fine and delicate, coming as a contrast to the adjacent works of the first artist. The works have a distinct background and foreground, the latter displaying geometric shapes, fine lines and intricate patterns. These works have one word titles and one piece ‘Myrmiwalk’ put this reviewer in mind of Aboriginal art. The works also display glyphs and letters as they explore the function of language. A further grouping explores a more linear style as exemplified by 'That Time as Life'.


Theresa Taylor (9 individual paintings/prints and a three-series, with installations.)

This exhibition is a selection of Theresa's later work; based on ideas developed over a number of years; of reflections on the self in its interior and exterior realms and the marks left by the passage of time. Typical media include drypoint and marbledust. The works on display include the subdued ‘Disobedient matter’ invoking visions of a partially obscured entrance to another world and a set of deep blue works that could almost be seascapes. In addition there is the comment on ageing in the four works comprising ‘From Here to There’ and the 3 pieced series suspended in the far corner of the exhibition in ‘Presence, Absence and something in-Between’. Finally Theresa showcases her versatility in a exhibit of delicate images embedded on rolls of transparent plastic, reflected on a table top.


Jude Trescatheric (14 paintings on display)

This exhibition marks a departure from figurative art and a return to abstract. Jude writes “These are the mature years of painting for me, on my own terms, regardless of fashion and commercial viability. It is all about the doing.” The works on display take much of their inspiration from the earth and its pyroclastic processes, particularly evident in the eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii. There is the dynamism of writhing shapes in ‘Volcanic Eruption’ the almost figurative ‘Sea of Fire’ and the delicate flecks amidst the spiraling columns of ‘Explosive Eruption’ Works are in either acrylic or watercolour, and Jude shows her mastery of the latter in the bold and expressive ‘The Earths Entrails'. Other influences in her work are evident in the Turneresque ‘Thames Sunset’.


It is a tribute to the enthusiasm of the artists and their commitment to Lancaster that they are mounting this exhibition at the Storey. Almost all artwork displayed is for sale.