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Friends of the Earth film reveal passionate opposition to Fracking across Lancashire

John Freeman

Take Action Now. Keep Lancashire Frack Free. from Friends of the Earth EWNI on Vimeo.

Friends of the Earth has released a video documenting the views of Lancashire people on fracking, as part of its long campaign to stop fracking in the County, which is now at a crucial moment.

At the end of the month Lancashire County Council will take a decision on whether Cuadrilla can resume fracking for shale gas. Three years ago, fracking in Lancashire was suspended after attempts to frack by Cuadrilla triggered several earthquakes.

Last week Friends of the Earth took their camera to the streets of Lancashire to capture how people feel about the prospect of fracking in the county.

As you can see in the film the response they received was overwhelming. The people of Lancashire do not want fracking to happen – and for good reason. 

"Lancashire’s local economy could be harmed by risking jobs in sectors such as farming and tourism, house prices have already been impacted, and there is no evidence it will reduce energy bills," say Friends of the Earth.

"In less than two weeks time Lancashire Council will make a final decision on whether to frack in Lancashire. Time is running out to stop this destructive process which is change the face of Lancashire forever.

"We are urging Lancashire residents to sign our petition to stop fracking in Lancashire and share the new film.

"Fracking for shale gas risks damaging Lancashire's beautiful and wildlife-rich natural environment, it risks polluting our water, air, and soil, and brings disruption and health risks to our communities."

• Please sign and share the petition:

• Follow this link to find both the FOE petition and the new film: 
• Watch the new film to keep Lancashire Frack Free on Vimeo: