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GM food Documentary screening at The Dukes

John Freeman
A screening of a documentary about GM food at The Dukes next week (Wednesday 10th November) is sure to stir plenty of fresh debate about this controversial topic.

The free screening of the 30 minute long TranXgenia: The Story of the Worm and the Corn will be followed by a discussion with  local organic farmer Alan Schofield, from Growing with Nature, food campaigner Rhiannon Westphal and the film's director,  Amaranta Herrero (Documentary Director).

The film reports on the experiences of people in Catalonia and Aragon of GM food and how it affects us all and the conflicts provoked when these new biotechnologies jeopardise the development of alternative organic production and consumption models.

Laboratory experiments conducted in 2008 involving the feeding rats with these foods (soya, corn, potatoes, etc) found they resulted in serious problems for the animals liver, pancreas and kidneys, impaired immune system and decreased fertility (Reports here, Google Translate link; original link

Organic farmers have warned it will be impossible to keep GM separate from non-GM once if they become widely grown in the UK because of cross pollination.

The British public had a huge impact on GM when it was first introduced in 1997. GM ingredients were taken out of supermarkets, then crops were stopped from being grown here through lobbying and direct action. But now GM trials are again being conducted in England and it's possible that commercial growing could begin as soon as 2013.

In June, hundreds of genetically modified potatoes were planted behind security fences in Norfolk in a new trial of the controversial science, after being given the go-ahead by ministers as part of a publicly funded project to develop new disease resistant potatoes in Britain.

The discussion after the film screening will focus on how the return of GM crops to Britain would affect organic and conventional farmers and consumers, and on exploring the different possible responses to the return of GM.

• TranXgenia: The Story of the Worm and the Corn 7.30pm Wednesday 10th November The Dukes Gallery. Free - Everyone Welcome

• Or, view the film in Spanish...

TranXgenia from miquel gual on Vimeo.