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Graffiti vandals clean up their act in Morecambe

John Freeman
Two teens who daubed graffiti across Morecambe’s town centre and the West End have been made to clean up their act as part of a restorative justice project.

The youngsters, aged 14 and 15, damaged 13 vehicles, garden walls and street furniture after buying cans of black, red and silver spray paint in April 2010. 

The boys were caught by officers from the neighbourhood policing team and have now spent time cleaning up some of the mess they created. Both have been issued with a reprimand and were consequently made to write letters to those who had been affected by their graffiti.

“Restorative justice allows offenders to examine their behaviour and understand how it has had a negative effect on the lives of others," explains PC Rob Barnsley. "These two youngsters are extremely sorry for what they have done and spending a period of their summer holidays cleaning up the graffiti has been a good way of bringing home that what they did is not acceptable.

“It also provides the aggrieved parties the opportunity to confront and talk to the offenders and to receive an apology and explanation of what they did. Aggrieved parties feel better knowing and hearing from the offenders that they actually understand the consequences of their actions. Restorative justice allows for closure, thus allowing the aggrieved parties to move on without further fear of retribution.”

The boys cleaned up graffiti with the assistance of staff from Lancashire County Council.