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Green Bid to win Lancaster and Fleetwood

John Freeman
On the eve of the launch of their Election Manifesto, the Green Party has announced it is standing a record number of Green candidates to fight the General Election - and confirmed Lancaster and Fleetwood is a target seat.

To promote the launch, the Green Party also revealed their new interactive election website, Only Green, and what the Party describes as a "revolutionary" new way to personalise the issues most concerning voters at this election.

With candidates in more than 300 constituencies, a spokesman said the Greens were "fighting to win" their first seat in the House of Commons.

Top targets are Lancaster and Fleetwood, where candidate Gina Dowding is hoping to challenge in the seat with the highest number of Green local/county councillors in the country, and Brighton Pavilion, where party leader Caroline Lucas is hoping to become the first Green MP; and Norwich South, where candidate Adrian Ramsay is leader of the official opposition in the City Council.

The Greens are now putting the finishing touches to their election manifesto under the slogan "Fair is worth fighting for", ahead of its official launch on Thursday 19th April.

Gina Dowding, parliamentary candidate in Lancaster and Fleetwood said: "More than 300 Green candidates will contest a UK general election for the first time ever. The Greens are expecting a real breakthrough at this election.

"Voters have become used to seeing Greens elected in large numbers in places like Lancaster and Fleetwood, so the normal squeeze of tactical voting no longer applies.

"These are places where members of the public have seen Green councillors in action locally over many years, pursuing Green Party policies then winning re-election and a steady increase in council seats.

"We don't underestimate the challenge, but these are places where the Greens are taking a stand and fighting to win."