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Greyhound Bridge Closure Info Meetings Announced.


The Greyhound Bridge, Lancaster
The Greyhound Bridge, Lancaster
Chris Satori

Lancashire County Council is holding a number of drop-in sessions in the Lancaster area next week for people to find out more about major repairs planned for Greyhound Bridge.

The bridge will be closed for six-months while Lancashire County Council carries out a £4m refurbishment project to ensure it retains the strength to carry big HGVs.

While Greyhound Bridge is closed, the road network in the city centre will be remodelled to allow two-way running of vehicles on the nearby Skerton Bridge - as a temporary measure while the improvements are made.

The council is also holding four drop-in sessions for people to find out more about the scheme and ask any questions they may have.

• Monday 4 December 10am to 8pm at Morecambe Town Hall
• Tuesday 5 December 10am to 8pm at Lancaster Town Hall
• Wednesday 6 December 10am to 6pm at The Arndale Shopping Centre, Morecambe
• Thursday 7 December 10am to 4pm at St Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster

The repair work is scheduled to begin in January with the bridge expected to reopen in June. The rest of the work will be carried out with a minimum of 2 lanes open on Greyhound Bridge, with the entire project scheduled to finish in late autumn 2018.

Full details of the scheme are available at – search 'greyhound bridge'. The dates of the closure will be posted on the council's website once finalised.

Hydro-electric Proposal? 

Graham Lambden has been in touch with VL and Lancaster City Council with the following proposal: "While the Greyhound  bridge is closed, why not install a hydroelectric scheme under the bridge. I have seen a similar system at the village of New Mills, Derbyshire utilizing a small river which has nothing approaching the roaring races which flow under Greyhound Bridge TWICE A DAY!"

I'm not sure if you actually need a bridge for such a scheme, although frankly I haven't a clue. But we do have another scheme already, much closer, at Halton Lune Hydro, which has been running for over three years now, allowing local residents a clean, independent and renewable power supply and already making enough money to give small grants to local sustainability projects You can find out more about it at