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Have the Police found your bike?

John Freeman
Local police are hoping to reunite owners with their bicycles after a stash of suspected stolen bikes were found in a Morecambe house.

Officers discovered around 12 - 15 bicycles – some of which had been broken down into parts – in a basement workshop in Oxford Road in September.

A 32-year-old male has been arrested on suspicion of theft and is currently on bail pending further inquiries.

Sgt Tristan Heaword, Morecambe Police, said: “A number of the bicycles, including a £1,800 mountain bike, have serial numbers stamped on them and we are using this information to cross reference them against reports of thefts so that we can determine who owns them.

“I would urge bicycle owners to ensure that they make a note of the bike’s serial number, which can be found on the frame, and to have their postcode marked on to their property so that they can pass this information on to officers if they are unlucky enough to have their bike stolen. Taking these precautions means you are more likely to have your bike returned to you.”

Around one bike is stolen every day in Northern Division, which covers Lancaster, Morecambe and Wyre. Cyclists can take measures to prevent this happening in the first place.

Sgt Heaword said: “I would recommend that bikes are locked away in garages or sheds when not in use – and if this is not possible then use a good quality lock and chain to secure the bike to something sturdy.

“It is even better if you can use two locks on your bike, and wrap them through the frame rather than the wheels as these can be removed by thieves.”

He added: “If you are out and about on your bike, always lock it up when you need to leave it – even if you are just nipping into a shop for a few minutes. Use a bike locker if there is one available and, if you can, remove your seat and take it with you – a bike without a seat is an uncomfortable prospect for a thief.”

• Anyone with information about bike thefts, or who wants to report a stolen bike, can contact police on 0845 1 25 35 45.