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Lancashire Police Catch One of Poland's 'Most Wanted' at Heysham Port

Chris Satori


Lancashire Police were praised and thanked by the Polish Government this week when a convicted paedophile and rapist  was handed over to the Polish authorities to be deported back to Poland to serve his sentence. Police intercepted Marian Dorobek, 68 (pictured), as he disembarked from the ferry Ben-my-Chree at Heysham Port.

Insp Phil Hutchinson said: “The extradition of Dorobek has been challenging due to the tight timescales we had to work with initially when we had to get staff to arrest him at the port.

“However, it’s been extremely satisfying to work with Polish and British authorities to ensure this criminal is returned to Poland to commence his custodial sentence. He is one of the most dangerous offenders I have had the displeasure to come across.”

Dorobek was arrested on Wednesday 1 February after officers received information that he was on a ferry due to arrive at Heysham Port at 12.15pm. Checks were carried out with the National Crime Agency and Polish authorities confirmed that he was wanted and that a European Arrest Warrant was being applied for.

An operation was quickly put in place to arrest Dorobek, who was wanted after being convicted of rape and child sex offences in Poland and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment last November. He was arrested on leaving the ferry under Section 5 of the Extradition Act 2003 as the European Arrest Warrant had not arrived"

Dorobek was remanded into HMP Wandsworth until he could be deported last Friday. The Polish Government emailed the constabulary praising and thanking officers for their swift intervention and support.

At his trial in Poland in November 2016, Dorobek's jury were told he had lured young girls back to his flat in Grudziadz with promises of jewellery and money if they would do his cleaning for him. Once there he drugged, tied up and raped them. He was said to have threatened girls with a flamethrower, and kept a journal detailing his assaults. It was brought to an end when a neighbour heard screams and called the police. Since November Dorobek has been on the run. The court in Grudziadz issued a European Arrest Warrent for him. 

Relative Reported Him Missing
Dorobek had managed to make his way to the Isle of Man where he was hiding out - until a relative there reported him as missing to the Manx police, three days before his arrest. There were concerns for his whereabouts following reports of a fight and the police circulated a missing persons report. 

However the Manx Police had a problem. The Isle of Man is not part of the EU (it's an offshore tax haven) and so the European Arrest Warrent could not be executed there. 

Inspector Derek Flint, of the Manx police said:

"Mr Dorobek was circulated as missing by us because that is what he was at that stage - having been reported to us as such. We found out he was wanted elsewhere at this point.   Once we located him, it was then a case of managing public safety to the point of his disembarkation on UK soil - where the EU arrest warrant could be executed. You can't execute them* here because we aren't part of the EU.  

"So, a bit of a job on a plate really. I suppose he is on his way back to Poland by now."

*This was the first use of Section 5 EU Arrest Warrant within Lancashire.