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Lancaster University projects aims to help local business, charities, get to grips with social media

John Freeman

Lancaster University's Social Media Project Team Enactus are holding social media workshops for local business and charities. Unfortunately, we missed their posting on our own social media for today's event (but if you hurry, you might just make it!), but there are more planned through the year.

Social Interactive Networking Consultancy is the newest of these five projects and its purpose is to educate small businesses, local charities and community groups on the benefits of using social media to improve their outreach. In turn, it is hoped that through greater awareness and online activity, clients will be better equipped to fulfil their own aims.

In the main, the team are helping our project partners create Twitter and Facebook accounts through which they can reach a larger potential market. However, the project has also expanded to take into account marketing strategies which can complement a social media strategy.

• More info: Social Interactive Networking Consultancy - SINC