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Lancastrians Continue Pressure over Gaza

John Freeman
After 40 people gathered on Saturday to hold a silent vigil in solidarity with the people of Gaza (see news story), protestors are keeping up the pressure on MPs and government to take action over the conflict.

100s of leaflets were given out at the vigil urging people to contact our MP, Ben Wallace, to demand an immediate ceasefire and to join the boycott of Israel.

“The situation in Gaza is unbelievable, with many people suffering," said former Lancaster resident, Atef, who recently returned to his family in Gaza and who has survived the bombings. "It's an unbelievable crime against humanity and the bombing should stop immediately”

Bryony Rogers of Lancaster Palestine Solidarity Campaign said “It is imperative that we raise our voices and speak out against this situation, which is a completely disproportionate and horrific display of gross military power against a chronically suffering people.”

Saif, a Palestinian living in Lancaster said "We are standing here to raise our voice for stopping the mass killing of civilians in Gaza. The free voice of peace should be heard and the world has to move to stop all military actions in Gaza.”

• A further vigil will be held on Saturday 10th January, 11.30am in Market Square. To get involved with Lancaster Palestine Solidarity Campaign call 07807 680591