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Lessons of the miners' strike - weekend of events

Chris Satori
Wales 1984: A coachload of police attempting
 to break a blockade by miners' familiesThis weekend – Saturday 8th Sunday 9th March –  Lancaster & Morecambe TUC is hosting a series of free public events looking at the lessons learnt (and not learnt) since the Miners' Strike of 1984/5, with contributions from trade unionists currently in dispute, a former striking miner, Lancashire Women Against Pit Closures and Lancaster Miners Support Group.

There will also be a small exhibition to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the miners’ desperate struggle to save their jobs and communities.  Also to demonstrate the support they received from the people of Lancaster and district.

Government documents recently released by the National Archives have revealed that the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had secretly drawn up contingency plans to call out troops to break the strike, something she flatly denied at the time, and a number of other disparities between the Conservative government's public statements at the time and its actual secret activities and attitudes towards the strikers and the trades unions.

On Saturday 8th March there will be an informal discussion from 2.00pm until 5pm in the Main Hall, Gregson Community Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster.

In the evening there will be a Social from 8pm in the Olive room, Gregson Community Centre.                                                                                                                         
On Sunday 9th March there will be a discussion from 2.00pm in Bowland College JCR at Lancaster University.